Thursday, 13 November 2008

Trying a new method of painting figures

Because of the problems I had with the model aircraft I had intended to paint for the Lauranian Air Force I was left without a short-tem wargames project to work on. I therefore decided to try out a painting technique I have not used before.

Basically the technique involves undercoating the figure with white paint, then washing the figure with the basic topcoat colour, picking out the detail, and then giving the figure a coat of ink (in this case GW's Sepia Ink).

I tried the technique on some 15mm World War II American figures and I must admit that they don't look too bad. The wash means that the figures are not too dark - a common problem with smaller figures - and the ink picks out the detail that the wash has missed. It also covers over some of the painting inaccuracies that are due to my lack of skill and basic clumsiness.

I am now basing the figures, and when they are finished I hope to add some pictures of them to this blog.

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