Monday, 24 April 2017

SALUTE2017: A photo report

On Saturday I made my first visit to SALUTE for five years. I had no great expectations as to what I would find when I got there, having been somewhat disappointed on my last two visits. In fact it turned out to be much better than I had hoped it would be, as I think the following photo report will show.

The closure of the Custom House station on the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) did not cause any problems for those of us attending SALUTE. In fact the alternative station we had to use (Prince Regent) was actually more convenient as it was less far to walk from the station to the venue inside the ExCel Centre. The only downside to the journey was the fact that it was raining as we arrived at Prince Regent.

The entrance to SALUTE was easy to find and marshals from the South London Warlords were on hand to check you in ...

... and direct you to the queue to go in.

This looks far more horrendous than it actually was, and the queue moved forward at a slow but steady pace. Considering how long it was when I joined it at 9.55am, the fact that it only took thirty minutes for me to get in seemed not too unreasonable.

Starting in the corner to the left of the entrance, I made my way around each of the games that was on show. (Please note that not all of the games shown in following photographs were easy to identify from their description in the Show Guide, and therefore may not have a club, society, group, or company attribution or a caption. These are indicated by a '?', and if I do manage to identify them at a later date, I will add an attribution.)

Simple Miniature Games: Maulifaux


Simple Miniature Games: Batman

Gentlemens Wargames Parlour: Left hand down a bit (or Sink HMS Eagle)
This game (set during the Very British Civil War period) featured some interesting conversions of model battleships ...

... and a rather neat model of an aircraft carrier.

Warlord Wargamers: English Civil War

Dalauppror: Fort Mosquito 1654
This was a battle between Swedish and Dutch colonial troops in mid-17th century Delaware ...

... and featured as its centrepiece a very nice model fort.

Wargames Illustrated: Celebrity Deathmatch!
Individual combat between historical and fictional characters.

Society of Ancients: The Battle of Kadesh

Gatehouse Wargames: Pearson's Farm
An American Civil War battle.

Legion Wargames Club: Mythos Demonstration Game
A skirmish/horror themed game set in a small townscape.

Modiphius Entertainment: Achtung! Cthulhu
An attack on the Nazi Black Sun base.

Modiphius Entertainment: Airfix Battles
A 54mm/1:35th-scale version of this popular game.



Hornchurch Wargames Club: Wars of the Roses
A demonstration game using 10cm hexes and home-grown rules.

Kampfgruppe Kegworth: The Curse of Deadman's Hand
An Old West game set in what appears to be a ghost town.

Little Wars of Australia: Tribal Primeval
A prehistoric skirmish game.

Essex Warriors: The Battle of Prague, 1757
A re-fight of one of Frederick the Great's victories.

The Old Guard: Command and Colours: Napoleonic
Napoleonic warfare using a tried and trusted game system.


Dark Sphere Gaming Club: X-Wing
Empire vs. Rebel fighters dogfight above the planet Scarif.

Too Fat Lardies: Sharp Practice

Micro Art Studio: Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game
Extraordinary groups of men and women fighting shadowy organisations and foreign powers that are hell-bent on world power.

Weymouth Levellers: Search and Destroy! Vietnam, 1966
Buckle up and dust off ... and look out Charlie!

White Dragon Miniatures: Shattered Void: Hunting Bigger Prey
A deadly space dogfights between capital ships.

Crooked Dice Games Design Studio: 7TV: Wargaming in the World of Cult TV
A cinematic 7TV quick-play game set in a ruined version of London.

Crooked Dice Games Design Studio: 7TV: Wargaming in the World of Cult TV
A cinematic 7TV quick-play game set on an oil rig somewhere in the North Sea.

Crooked Dice Games Design Studio: 7TV: Wargaming in the World of Cult TV
A cinematic 7TV quick-play game set in a complex of old warehouses and workshops.

Maidstone Wargames Society: Fenris Descending
Human defenders vs. hundreds of deadly robots! Can they survive the onslaught?

The Naval Wargames Society: Gunboats of the Dvina
British and Soviet forces vie for control of this vital waterway during the summer of 1919.

G3 Wargamers: Devil's Run, Route 666
A post-apocalyptic free-for-all, no-holds-barred combat race game.

Pike and Shot Society: King Phillip's War
Can the local Indian tribes drive off the unwanted settlers?

The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare: Werewolves vs. Vampires
A fight between werewolves and vampires in a gaveyard.

The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare: Van Helsing vs. von Frankenstein
The arch vampire hunter vs. the creator of a monster. Who can possibly win this titanic struggle?

Herts Volunteers: Sword Beach, 1944
A re-fight of the British landings on Sword Beach on 6th June. 1944.

The game featured some very nice model landing craft and vehicles ...

... as well as some excellent terrain, which included ...

... a heavily-fortified urban area.


Flames of War demonstration game

Scarab Pals: Great War: Zero Hour: Italy, 1917
A monumental battle in Italy between the Allies and the Great Powers.

K-Kraft Miniatures: Relay 26
Opposing forces attempt to knock out a major communications link.

Crewe and Nantwich Wargaming Society: The Japanese Invasion of the Philippines.
This game featured some wonderful models ...

... and terrain.

Gaslands: Vehicle Mayhem!
A post-apocalypse vehicle combat game.

Tunbridge Wells Wargaming Society: Russian counter-attack near Rogochev
A re-fight of the 1942 Russian attack on a German defensive position.

Oxford Wargames Society: The Battle of Ashdown, 871
A re-fight of the battle to save Wessex from the invading Danes.

Wyre Forest Wargames Club: Battle of Kalisz, 1706


Games in Thanet Society: Papers Please!
Can the escaping British POWs make it?

The Drowned Earth

The Drowned Earth

Battle for Neustadt
The Cold War goes hot in 1984.

Ilford Wargames Group: Star Wars X-Wing Mega Battle

Continental Wars Society: Meet me at the Trocadero

A re-fight of the 1823 Siege of Cadiz ...

... when the French captured the fort on the island of Trocadero ...

... in support of the Spanish Bourbon monarchy.

Whitehall Warlords: Russian Civil War

Wigmore Warriors: Spaghetti Western
A game that used real spaghetti in one of its game mechanisms!

Simon Miller and the Wargames Holiday Centre: The Battle of Raphia, 217 BCE
The armies of Ptolemy IV and Antiochus the Great face each other in a re-fight of this epic battle.

Skirmish Wargames: Save the Tsar!
A 54mm-scale battle to rescue the Tsar.


Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers: The Red Navy in the Second Great Patriotic War of 1984
Naval warfare between a NATO task force and Soviet naval forces.

Lance and Longbow Society: Wars of the Roses
A skirmish game using a simplified version of the Lion Rampant rules.

Pedion Modular Battlefields

Freebooter Miniatures: Freebooter's Fate
A fantasy pirate game.

Real Time Wargames: The Art of War: Battles and Campaigns in 15th century Italy
Warfare in the age of the Condottieri.

Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club: Cretaceous Camp
Can you survive in a dinosaur-rich environment ... where you might be dinner?

Scimitar Games Club: Muskets and Tomahawks
A French and Indian Wars skirmish.

4TK Gaming: Science Fiction Battles

4TK Gaming: Science Fiction Battles

4Ground Limited: Fabled Realms battles

4Ground Limited: Fabled Realms battles

4Ground Limited: Fabled Realms battles

The Walking Dead


Jersey Privateers Gaming Club: The raid on Fanning Head, San Carlos, 21st May, 1982
Falklands War skirmish action.

Wild West Exodus







Royal Air Force Wargaming Association: Short Bill's Treasure Quest
Pirates competing again each other in a hunt for hidden for treasure.

Loughton Strike Force: Battle of Dresden, 1813

Red Knights Wargames: Infinity

Ancient and Modern/Donnington Miniatures: The Battle of Hastings

Warploque Miniatures: Arcworlds Fantasy skirmish

Mierce Models: Darklands demonstration game

Gripping Beast Limited: SAGA demonstration game

Gripping Beast Limited: SAGA participation session

Gripping Beast Limited: Swordpoint Demonstration game

Spartan Games: Game demonstration


Chesterfield Open Gaming Society: Frostgrave

GCT Studios Limited: Bushido demonstration

City of Henfield Squadron, RAF Fight Command: The Battle of Britain

Ironfist Publishing: Battlegroup Tobruk
The game featured some excellent terrain and models ...

... that my photographs do not do justice to.

Ard Hamma: The Sino-Japanese War
Sino-Japanese action.

Wings of Glory Aerodrome UK: Wings of Glory demonstration game

Wings of Glory Aerodrome UK: Wings of Glory demonstration game

Second Thunder: Open Combat Battlepit

Gravesend Gamers Guild: Star Wars Epic game

Ad Hoc Games Group: Nick the Tsar II
A fun free-for-all attempt attempt to rescue the Tsar and his family from the clutches of the darstadly Soviets!



The Sons of Simon de Montford: Animal Farm
Four Legs Good! Two Legs Bad!

Oshiro Modelterrain: Shiro O Kogeki (Attack the Castle)

School of History, University of Edinburgh: Crusades against Fellow Christians:
The Battle of Lodi Vecchio, 1239

Tin Soldiers of Antwerp: A Not So Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Beautiful models and figures, as well as a gamesmaster in a toga!

South London Warlords: Vietnam

Wyvern Wargamers: Battle of Cambrai, 1917


Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club: Discworld Witch Racing
This featured a complete model of the Unknown University ...

... of Ankh-Morpork.

As you may gather, there were a LOT of games on at SALUTE this year ... and if the number of attendees was anything to go by, the hobby seems to be in a reasonably healthy state!