Saturday, 29 April 2017

Nugget 299

I collected the latest edition of THE NUGGET (N299) from the printer today, and I hope to post it out to members of Wargame Developments on Tuesday. (I would have posted it on Monday, but it is May Bank Holiday and the Post Office is shut.)

I have already uploaded the PDF versions of THE NUGGET and THE NUGGET COLOUR SUPPLEMENT to the Wargame Developments website, and they are now available for members of Wargame Developments to read online or to download and print.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is the eighth issue of THE NUGGET to be published for the 2016-2017 subscription year, and that members who have not already re-subscribed can still do so if they want to. This can be done by visiting the relevant page on the Wargame Developments website.

THE THREE HUNDREDTH ISSUE: The next issue will be the three hundredth issue, and I know that the editor would love to make it a bumper issue. If you are a member of Wargame Developments and feel so inclined, perhaps you could send him a few lines about why you joined and how much you think that your wargaming has benefited from your membership.

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