Saturday, 17 January 2009

Table Top Battles - An early edition?

Whilst waiting for the final coat of matt varnish to dry on my third set of terrain boards, I spent some time looking through one of the many files of wargames 'clippings' that I have accumulated over the years.

I found one from an old WARGAMES NEWSLETTER about wargaming South American Wars which caught my eye, and I took it out of its protective plastic cover to read. Imagine my surprise when I realised that on the back of the article were several images entitled 'Other People's Wargames No.1', one of which showed a setup that looked remarkably like those illustrated in TABLE TOP BATTLES.

The image (a copy of which is shown below) does not have a caption, so I have no idea who the wargamer is. If anyone out there knows who the wargamer is and when the photograph was taken, I would be grateful if they could share that information with us. In the meantime let us hope that the image is an inspiration to other wargamers to try using a gridded tabletop.


  1. Interesting, obviously its not Joe Morschauser though the grids are similar.

    I have a feeling that I have seen similar pictures of the set of a very veteran American gamer, but the name just won't come some thing like de gre. Gerald/ Gerard de Gre. I will have a look this evening and see if I can find it.


  2. Might it be Marcus Hinton without his bowler?

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

  3. A really interesting image...and one that resembles another from that era I once saw...(can't recall where...) but the game was gridded but on a much smaller table...(about a 4x4).

  4. John,

    You were absolutely right! As the next blog entry shows, it was Professor Gerard de Gre. I wonder if he is still alive. I hope so, and if possible it would be wonderful to hear from him.


    Did Marcus Hinton ever take his bowler hat off? From what I have heard it must have been a rare occurrence.


    The image does have similarities to another that I have seen from that era, but what sticks in my mind was the caption that went with it; namely that the player was using Spanish-made, ready-painted figures from a company with a name like MINIPLOM. It may have been another image of Gerard de Gre, but I cannot remember where and when I saw it.


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