Thursday, 23 April 2009

Working on my day off ...

Thursday is the only weekday on which I don't work ... except today!

I had planned to spend much of today reading Paul Leniston's Napoleonic Wargaming rules and getting some of my Del Prado pre-painted 25/28mm Napoleonic figures out of storage prior to organising them for basing. However I had a phone call from my boss whilst I was driving home last night, asking me to come in to work today to help some of my students to complete some unfinished coursework.

More money is always useful as it keeps the wheels of war(gaming) going, so here I am, at work, making a blog entry during my lunch break.

Ho! Hum! Halcyon days!


  1. Ah, extra work - sometimes it's got to be done, eh?

  2. The irony is that I went to work, the students completed the unfinished coursework ... and then the 'powers that be' discovered that the deadline for finishing it is not until the end of June!

    So I worked ... and got paid ... for something that was not needed!