Thursday, 1 July 2010

Too busy to blog ...

The run up to COW is always a busy time, and this year it has been even busier than usual. The death of Paddy Griffith has knocked everyone involved in Wargame Developments and COW for six, not only because he was coming to the conference for the first time in many years but also because he was the founding father of both the organisation and the conference. People seem determined to make sure that this COW will be the best ever in part as a tribute to Paddy's memory and in part to show that his work has – and will continue to have – a practical and lasting legacy.

Last night I finally managed to make a few hills for the 'Frontier' battles that will form part of my session. In addition I was able to select the relevant models and terrain I will need for the INTERBELLUM battle that will also be part of that session. I did note, however, that I need to fix magnetic tape to the troop bases, and this is a job I will have to do later today.

The PowerPoint presentation for my session about the life and work of Joseph Morschauser is also now complete, but the laptop I am taking with me needs to have Microsoft Office installed on it before I go. This will take some time, and is something else that I will need to do later today.

Once all this is done I will lay everything out on my wargames table and have a final check that all that I will need is there. I will them pack it into the bags and crates that I will use to transport it to COW ... and then I can pack my clothes and other essentials!

COW is now only just over twenty four hours away ... and as I expect to be rather busy for the next few days I do not expect to be able to write any blog entries until COW is over ... but you never know, I might just be able to manage one or two ...

PS. The Ofsted monitoring visit went better than expected ... but we now know that it will be followed by a full-blown inspection in November!


  1. .....Too busy to comment on the fact that you are too busy to comment..........;-)

    Have a supre conference and I will look forward to the report in due course.

    All the best,