Monday, 16 August 2010

Battle Reports: Progress has been made!

I have now added a 'Battle Report' label to all the relevant blog entries I have written since September 2009 ... and it made me realise just how many there were!

In fact the numbers for each year are as follows:
  • 2008: 11
  • 2009: 11
  • 2010: 4

It strikes me that I was playing a lot more wargames when I started this blog than I do now ... and this is something that I must seriously address!

The most obvious reason is that I am working longer hours now than I used to, but I also suspect that I am now doing much more wargame designing that I did back then, and that this has tended to reduce the number of wargames that I have fought.

That said, I feel that I am almost at a stage where I have a set of simple but effective wargames rules that will satisfy my needs for the foreseeable future. They are based on Joseph Morschauser's wargame rules (which is not very surprising!) but with elements (and inspiration) drawn from the work of Donald Featherstone, Ian Drury, Richard Brooks, and Tim Gow.

With a bit of luck In hope to write quite a few 'battle reports' by the end of December this year; just keep reading this blog to find out how many!


  1. More games is a good thing!
    Like so often, awareness is also good.


  2. Ross Mac,

    You are so right!

    My aim is to try to fight at least one wargame per month (more if possible!), and to try to maintain that sort of pace for as long as I can.

    All the best,