Monday, 13 August 2012

Victorian and Edwardian Miscellany: British Army

Living as a I do near to the old Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, and the site of the old Woolwich Arsenal, I have come across and acquired several interesting photographs relating to the British Army during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

During this period the Royal Artillery operated as individual batteries that were grouped into brigades. The following photograph shows a Field Artillery Battery. It has been deployed, with the individual gun limbers to the rear and each member of the gun crew in their allotted position. I am not sure who the character dressed in white is, nor what role he is performing. By his bearing he appears to be an NCO, but what he is doing is any body's guess.

The next photograph shows a typical group of Royal Artillery NCOs. Such men were the backbone of any battery, and they don't look like the sort of person one would wish to argue with! They are also sporting some quite incredible moustaches, as was the custom at the time.

The following photograph shows an Infantry Company forming square. The amount of facial hair seems to indicate length of service and medals awarded if one makes a close examination of the photograph. It is also noticeable that there appears to be little or no consistency as to how the headgear should be worn, with some wearing it at a very jaunty angle whilst others are wearing it almost square on the head.


  1. Some neat photos, Bob. I particularly liked the square.

    -- Jeff

  2. Bluebear Jeff,

    I agree; it is a great photograph.

    All the best,