Monday, 12 October 2015

Trying to get back to normal ...

I had hoped that by now things would be well on the way to getting back to normal after our recent cruise ... but circumstances seem to be conspiring against that.

The biggest problem I have had to deal with is the sheer number of emails that have appeared in my inbox ... over fifteen thousand of them! When I opened Windows Live Mail on Sunday night it started to download my unread messages … and was still going strong this morning. It soon became apparent that multiple copies of the same messages were being downloaded again and again from one account server, and despite my best efforts to stop it, it would not. Eventually I managed to access the server and discovered that a single spam message was causing the problem. The rest of the emails on the server were downloading in the normal way, but when it tried to send the spam one, the system stalled and began again at the very beginning, with the result that I received the same messages over one hundred times each.

I have finally managed to remove the problem, and have just deleted almost all the messages in my inbox. This has taken most of the day, and has left me feeling tired and rather grumpy, a situation that is not improved by the fact that Sue and I both have heavy colds.

With luck I hope to be able to begin answering the most important emails in my inbox later today, and to give serious thought to writing a blog entry about our cruise by sometime later this week.


  1. I'm impressed with your skill and perserverance Bob... I'd have merely exhausted my knowledge of swearing and phoned for help.

    I hope your cold lifts soon- I swear by lemon juice and honey made up to a mugful with hot water.



  2. Yes, but how is the holey bump? Bumpy hole? Y'know, the important stuff.

  3. Pete,

    This man's 'skill and perseverance' is what my wife would call 'trying everything and being stubborn and bloody-minded'. I understand that my swearing was somewhat subdued by normal standards due to my cold.

    As to the cold cure … well we have to go to the supermarket later, and I am hoping that they have some lemons in stock!.

    All the best,


  4. Stu Rat,

    Well the repair seems to be working ... for the moment.

    I understand that whilst we were away a team did come along with all the kit needed to fill in a hole and repair the road surface ... but went away once they realised that someone else had already done that.

    More news will be published if anything new happens.

    All the best,