Saturday, 5 December 2015

Building modular fortifications: Part 4 - The gateway

The gateway of my modular fortress was constructed from two 50mm x 50mm squares of MDF and seven sections of 50mm-long pine. I used a water-proof white wood glue to glue the various components together.

To construct the gateway I began by gluing the narrower edge of one of the pine sections to one of the squares of MDF, thus:

I then glued the narrower edge of a second section of pine to the square of MDF, thus:

I repeated this process of alternately gluing one piece of pine onto the one below until the gateway was three levels high, thus:

I then glued the second square of MDF on top of the third level of the gateway, thus:

(This formed the roof of the gateway)

I finished by gluing the narrow edge of the seventh section of pine (which was in fact made up from three of the off-cuts that I had available) on top of the gateway's roof, thus:

(This created the gateway's parapet.)

The construction of the gateway was now complete, and as can be seen from the following photographs, my 15mm-scale Essex Miniatures fit rather well atop the gateway.

It took me two days to build the gateway as at each stage in the construction process I waited for the glue to completely set before moving on to the next stage.

This is the final part of the modular fortress that I intend to build, and I will seal all the wooden surfaces with PVA glue prior to painting them.


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    Thanks very much for your kind comment. The building part of the project is almost complete ... although after a comment by Ross Mac I am currently adding all-round parapets to the towers and the gateway.

    All the best,


  2. If you taken two offcuts to make the middle section of parapet, and laid them flat so they projected forward over the doorway, it might look cool. Maybe trim the bottom one so the projection steps up as it extends.

    You could always claim it was the chute that delivers the boiling oil onto the unwelcome door-to-door salesman inquiring if you'd like to purchase a log door knocker, "Here, allow us to demonstrate how it works."

  3. A good sturdy looking gatehouse. I am looking forward to seeing the final product. Will it be stone or adobe or something else?

  4. Stu Rat,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I hope to build another smaller gateway at some point, and may well incorporate your idea when I build it.

    All the best,l


  5. Ross Mac,

    You have put your finger on something that I have yet to decide ... the colour of the final modules.

    I am currently favouring a light grey or white finish ... but I may well change my mind before I finish.

    All the best,