Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nugget 290

One of the things that I have to deal with as a priority now that I am back from my latest cruise is to get the next issue of THE NUGGET to the printer. The editor completed it and sent it to me whilst I was away, and in order to maintain the publishing schedule we set at the beginning of the subscription year, this issue should be out by the end of the month. It is my intention to check it over the weekend and take to printed original to the printer on Monday. I should then be able collect it later that week and to get it out in the post to members of Wargame Developments by May Day.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is the eighth issue of THE NUGGET to be published for the 2015-2016 subscription year, and that members who have not already re-subscribed can still do so if they want to. This can be done by visiting the relevant page on the Wargame Developments website. A printed reminder was sent out with THE NUGGET 283 to all subscribers who had not yet re-subscribed.

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