Sunday, 14 October 2018

I have been to ... the La Spezia Naval Museum

Back in March (Was it really that long ago? It doesn't feel like it!), Sue and I visited La Spezia in Italy, and I managed to persuade her that a second visit to the Naval Museum was a good idea. (It cost me a nice lunch in a local restaurant, but it was well worth it!)

During our previous visit the museum had been undergoing a renovation, and this was now over and a whole extra building full of exhibits was open to the public.

The entrance to the Naval Museum is located next to the main gates into the naval base.

The plan inside the entrance shows just how much larger the revamped museum is compared to how big it was during our last visit.

The current plan of the museum.
The areas outlined in RED were not open during our last visit.
Over the next few days I hope to be able to write a number of blog entries that cover some of the newer exhibits that we saw as well as some of the older ones.

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