Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lionel Tarr: Another forgotten pioneer

In today's blog entry on the Vintage Wargaming blog there is a copy of an article written by Lionel Tarr. It appeared in the September 1960 issue of THE WAR GAME DIGEST, and describes Lionel Tarr's wargames table and figures.

In many ways Lionel Tarr was one of the most influential wargamers of his day. A version of his World War II wargames rules were published in Donald Featherstone's first wargames book WAR GAMES, and in my opinion they set the start point for all subsequent wargames rules for that period. A fuller version of his rules have been included in the latest republication of Donald Featherstone's book by John Curry as part of the HISTORY OF WARGAMING project, and when I recently re-read them I still found them inspiring.

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