Monday, 21 March 2011

On the downhill slope ... I hope!

I finally seem to be on the downhill slope of this part of the dreaded NSS. All I have to do now is finish the last bit of paperwork, and then I can hand my marked and assessed sample work over to the internal verifier to do their bit. Assuming that they do not find anything drastically wrong with it, I will then be able to concentrate on acting as internal verifier for the work marked and assessed by another of my colleagues.

I must admit that I have found the NSS process a lot harder than in previous years. I am not sure why. It might be something to do with the fact that the group that I have taught – and whose work I have marked and assessed this year – has some 'challenging' students ... but I have had far more 'challenging' students in the past and not felt like this. Maybe it is the culmination of the build-up to the Ofsted inspection and all the extra work that it generated has just left me feeling very dispirited and tired. It could also be the domestic trials and tribulations my wife and I have had to face over the past few months dealing with our respective fathers. Or most likely, it is a combination of all of these factors and the fact that I am no longer as young as I think I am.

I look forward to the day when I no longer have to get up and go to work. With a bit of luck, that day should not be too soon a coming!

Ah! Halcyon days!


  1. Hi Bob,

    Just look forward to all the quality time you will have when you eventually knock the rat race on the head! I envisage that your written output will increase and I will certainly look forward to that!

    Just hang in there.

    All the best,


  2. David Crook,

    I suspect that you are right, and that full-time retirement (rather than my current part-time retirement that isn't) will see me writing a bit more. More importantly, it might give me more time to wargame, paint, and do some modelling!

    Not too long to go now ... I hope!

    All the best,