Monday, 4 June 2012

Lost ... and found

During the recent sort-out of my toy/wargames room I 'found' several books that I had 'lost' (i.e. forgotten that I owned!). Amongst them was BATTLE OF STALINGRAD: RUSSIA'S GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR by I M Baxter and Ronald Volstad (published in 2004 by Concord Publications Company [ISBN 962 361 082 3]).

I bought the book when I was going through one of my 'Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War' phases some years ago, and having looked through it, promptly forgot that I owned it. (I suspect that the 'phase' was on the wane and I put the book aside to concentrate on my latest interest.)

Besides four wonderful colour illustrations by Ron Volstad and a short introduction, the book is almost entirely Russian photographs of the troops who fought in and around Stalingrad. Some a rather obviously posed, but others have the feel of being taken 'as it happened'. What it shows is the variety of uniforms worn by the front-line Russian soldiers and the conditions in which they had to fight.

I will certainly re-visit this book when I go though an 'Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War' phase again.

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