Wednesday, 22 May 2013


It is just over six weeks until COW2013 (the annual Conference of Wargamers that is organised by Wargame Developments) will be taking place at Knuston Hall, Northamptonshire. Bookings are a little down on last year, but there may be a few more over the next few weeks.

I understand from Tim Gow (my co-organiser) that the programme is coming together quite nicely, and that new sessions have been added since the last update that was published in THE NUGGET. My session, which will be entitled OPERATION VIJAY, is progressing nicely. I now have a reasonably detailed large map of Goa, and Tim Gow is going to provide suitable 1:300th-scale vehicles and figures from his extensive Megablitz collection. I am currently drafting the briefings for both the Indian and Portuguese sides, and with luck they should be ready in a week or so. Once that is done, the session will be ready to go.

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