Friday, 13 September 2013

Re-visiting MOMBAT

Over recent weeks David Crook has been acquiring a large collection of Green and Tan Army Men figures. These are approximately 42mm tall and are sold in bags of up to 200 at a time.

I understand that he is going to use them to form two generic mid-twentieth century armies, and he suggested that he would probably use them with my MEMOIR OF MODERN BATTLE (MOMBAT) rules. This spurred me to re-visit the rules, and I soon realised that they were not quite as fault-free as I remembered. I have, therefore, been spending some time over the past few days revising and – hopefully – improving the rules.

One major change that I have made to the rules has removed the need to use the special Battle Dice that I had previously 'borrowed' from Richard Borg's MEMOIR '44 wargame. These special dice have now been replaced by normal D6 dice.

I hope to play-test the revised rules in the near future, and once I have I will make them available via the Internet.


  1. Hi Bob,

    I will be very interested to see the end result as I have used MOB for most of my games in recent times. I have some ideas for these with the larger scale figures that I will email you about in due course.

    All the best and many thanks,


  2. David Crook,

    I am at the point where I need to play-test the rules before making them public ... but I will try to send you a copy of the latest draft later today or early tomorrow.

    All the best,


  3. Although I have devised my own rule set for my 'Jono's World' project (using much the same sort of figures), I would also be interested in looking at your MOB rule set.

    I have devised something vaguely similar - at least the combat system - for an 1890s map game I have lurking in the background. Instead of the special dice used in MOB, my convention uses ordinary D6s with 1 pip representing artillery; 2 and 3 pips, cavalry; and 4, 5 and 6 pips representing infantry. Six pips might also represent Army Corps command ( A bit like the Daimyo in Shogun. Two 'strikes' equals retreat; three 'strikes' a kill.

    Each Army corps comprises horse, foot and guns. Each figure represents a Division or Corps Command. Each cavalry receives 1 die; infantry 2 and artillery 3. In addition each force receives 2 or more extra dice depending upon terrain and stance.

    I have a couple of plywood boards left over from the earthquake repair work last year, which I think will come in handy as the bases for map games.

  4. Archduke Piccolo,

    Your 'Jono's World' sounds very interesting, and it does have certain similarities to the 'war' I fought some time ago using MEMOIR '44 figures & dice and the map that comes from the LORD OF THE RINGS boardgame.

    MOB and MOBAT are more tactical-level rules, but share a similar design philosophy to the rules you have outlined, although they are a bit more bloody.

    Hopefully the latest versions of MOB and MOBAT will be available very soon, and I will certainly let people know when they are.

    All the best,