Sunday, 9 February 2014

Stage two of the spring clean is now underway

I managed to get stage two of the spring clean of my toy/wargames room underway this afternoon, and despite a minor detour that involve doing some work in our home office, it is progressing somewhat better than expected.

The detour arose as a result of no longer needing a number of wooden storage boxes that I had previously used in my toy/wargames room. As these storage boxes matched ones that were already in use in our home office, it made sense to move them into the home office and use them to replace the plastic crates that we had been using. This took my wife and I about an hour, but it was worth the effort as the home office now looks much better and tidier ... so the spring clean of my toy/wargames room has directly led to the home office also being given a spring clean.

The home office that my wife and I share.
I did run into one minor problem this afternoon. I discovered that I had a mix of two sizes of larger REALLY USEFUL BOXES (21 litre and 18 litre) when I thought that I only had one size. This meant repacking stuff from one size of box to another so that related items could be stacked together in the same pile. This was not essential ... but as I was trying to rationalise the storage in my toy/wargames room, it made sense and was not too time-consuming.

I have continued to find things that I had forgotten I had. Amongst these was a 3 feet x 4 feet piece of green felt marked with a 3-inch grid. The corners of each grid square are marked with a small '+', and  this makes the grid much less intrusive than it would have been if the grid had been marked on the felt with lines.

Perhaps I might be able to use this newly-found felt cloth in a forthcoming tabletop battle to 'celebrate' the completion of my spring cleaning.

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