Friday, 11 April 2014

Another foray into eBay proves successful

At 8.30am a parcel containing my latest batch of auction 'wins' on eBay arrive ... and mighty pleased I am to receive them. (The service from the seller was outstanding! Not only did they combine postage without being asked; they also packed the items extremely well and sent them so that they arrived in twenty-four hours.)

The items were more figures to add to my growing collection of Del Prado pre-painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic wargames figures. The figures came in packs as sold with the original magazine, and the contents of today's parcel is shown below:

All seventy figures cost me approximately £1.25 each ... which I think is a bargain when one considers the cost of unpainted 25/28mm-scale figures. They will enable me to add several more units to my current armies ... and I still have some more eBay auctions that have yet to mature!

By the time the two hundredth anniversary of the Waterloo campaign comes around in 201, I might just have enough stuff to do something that I have never done before ... and that is to re-fight part or all of the campaign in miniature.

We can but dream.


  1. Bob, I've been working on a very stylised army-level version of Ross Mac's Square Brigadier, designed for Red and Blue Prussian Kriegsspiel armies. A WiP at this stage. I'm not sure whether it would work with your 25mm figures, but will happily send you a copy if you like.
    Just avoid the temptation to start investing in Perry Miniatures!

  2. I've never seen these figures in person but they look quite nice. As much as I enjoy psinting figures there is an attraction to buying factory painted figures in a package. A taste of the old, old days perhaps.

  3. Arthur1815,

    I would love a copy of your version of Ross Mac's rules as soon as you think they are ready. They may not work with my 25/28mm-scale figures ... but I won't know until I can give them a try!

    Perry Miniatures are very nice ... but are currently out of my price league!

    All the best,


  4. Ross Mac,

    I bought the complete range when they were published some years ago ... and never did anything with them. Now that they are turning up on eBay I can pick up additional figures for reasonable prices.

    I usually don't buy ready painted figures, but these are done to a reasonable standard (in other words, better than I could manage!) and it means that I will be able to get figures onto the tabletop much quicker than I otherwise could.

    Shades of buying old painted SAE or Britains figures? Possibly ... except that these packs do not always contain figures that are from the same army, let alone unit.

    I have a few more eBay auction bids maturing later today, and with luck I will have some more figures to add to my collection early next week.

    All the best,