Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Amber War: An idea for a scenario

Whilst I have been sorting through the contents of the crates from the now-defunct shed, I have been thinking about a scenario for a possible war set in my Imagi-world of 1891. It would involve the two earliest imagi-nations that I ever used, Opeland and Upsland. (Technically-speaking I created Opeland and Upsland was created by my brother ... but I don't think that my brother would mind me 'using' his creation.)

Scenario: The Amber War between Opeland and Upsland
Both Opeland and Upsland have small professional armies and navies that are equipped with the most modern weapons their respective governments can afford to buy for them. The economies of Opeland and Upsland depend upon the exploitation of their natural resources (mainly wood and metal ores) and the small-scale manufacturing of weapons, ships, and furniture. They are also important suppliers of amber to the rest of the world.

A recent storm in the straits between the Britannic Sea and the Sea of Opeland has exposed a large deposit of amber on the beach of the small uninhibited island of Litenoy. The island is approximately halfway between the northernmost tip of the Jutaland Peninsular and the coast of Opeland. The amber was discovered by fishermen from both Opeland and Upsland who use the island as a safe anchorage during storms. The only problem is that the island is claimed by both Opeland and Upsland.

The potential area of operations should war break out over the island of Litenoy.
Both nations wish to be able to enforce their claim of sovereignty over Litenoy should the need arise, and to ensure this they have put their respective armed forces onto the highest state of preparedness short of war.

Having sketched out a scenario, all I need to do now is the raise the necessary wargame forces from what I have to hand ... and then the campaign may commence!


  1. It sounds like there will be some amphibious operations.

  2. James O'Connell,

    I suspect that is something that may well occur ... along with some ship vs. ship and ship vs. coastal defence action.

    All the best,


  3. A situation ripe for lots of table top encounters. I look forward to reading more about it soonish.

    -- Jeff

  4. Bluebear Jeff,

    I am hoping that this will develop into a narrative campaign where the story will unfold over a period of time. My priority for the moment to to put together the forces for each side using whatever resources I have to hand.

    All the best,


  5. Bob,

    Is Litenoy on the map? I thought it might be one of the two islands due east of Jutaland, but your description of where it lies does not match either one.

    Not important, I guess, I was just wonderin'....

    Best regards,


  6. Chris,

    Litenoy is not shown on the map as it is very small.

    I hope to draw a map of the island if and when I get around to using this scenario ... which may not be for at least a week or two.

    All the best,


    P.S. Litenoy is a rough translation/combination of the Norweigian and Swedish words for 'small island'.


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