Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Warship 2014

Whilst I was away on our recent cruise, the latest copy of WARSHIP was delivered. This is Volume XXXVI of this annual publication and it is edited by John Jordan and published by Conway (ISBN 978 1 5911 4923 1).

This edition includes:
  • Editorial by John Jordan
  • The Armoured Cruisers of the Amiral Charner Class by Luc Feron
  • CVA-01: Portrait of a Missing Link by Ian Sturton
  • The Last of the Line: The German Battleships of the Braunschweig and Deutschland Classes by Aidan Dodson
  • Armoured Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy by Kathrin Milanovich
  • Cavour: A Multi-role Aircraft Carrier for the Italian Navy by Michele Cosentino
  • The Turret Frigates of the Admiral Lazarev and Admiral Spiridov Classes by Stephen McLaughlin
  • The IJN Light Carrier Ryûjô by Hans Lengerer
  • Post-war Fire Control in the Royal Navy by Peter Marland
  • The Escape of the Jean Bart by John Jordan
  • Warship Notes
  • Naval Books of the Year
  • Warship Gallery
I am particularly looking forward to reading the articles about the Ryûjô (a ship that has always interested me), the battleships of the Braunschweig and Deutschland classes, and the Russian turret ships of the Admiral Lazarev and Admiral Spiridov classes.


  1. That looks like an interesting book. Once again I shall do my best to resist it!

  2. Tim Gow,

    I think that this annual publication is always worth the money it costs ... and is an absolute 'must have' for anyone who has a serious interest in late 19th and 20th century warships.

    All the best,