Thursday, 21 July 2016

Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 21st July 1936

El Ferrol, the main naval base in the Northwest of Spain, surrendered to the Nationalists. As a result the Nationalists acquired a battleship, Espana, two cruisers, Republica and Almirante Cervera (with another two, Baleares and Canarias, under construction), and a destroyer, Velasco.

The Spanish Battleship Espana.


  1. Good looking ship and a very interesting series you are running. How many will succumb to the temptation due to your writings?

    1. Jonathan Freitag,

      They were the smallest class of dreadnought battleships built, and managed to get a lot of armament on a small displacement.

      I suspect that quite a few people will have a revised interesting in the Spanish Civil War as a result of the 80th anniversary ... and I am just doing my bit to help them along!

      All the best,