Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Badly damaged ... but still useful: HMS Zubian and HMS Eskimo

HMS Zubian was built from the undamaged bow section of HMS Zulu ...

... and the stern section of HMS Nubian.

Both the ships were members of the Tribal-class of destroyers (1905) and had been damaged in action in October and November 1916 respectively in the English Channel. The undamaged parts were taken to HM Dockyard, Chatham, where they were joined to create the new warship … even though there was a 3.5-inch difference in the width of the two parts!

HMS Eskimo was a member of the Tribal-class destroyers (1938) and was damaged during the Second Battle of Narvik in April 1940. She was hit by a torpedo fired by the German destroyer Z2 Georg Thiele, which blew her bows off.

Despite this near catastrophic damage, Eskimo was temporarily repaired by the fleet repair ship HMS Vindictive and then sent to her original builders (Vickers Armstrong in Newcastle) to be re-built. She re-entered service in 1942, and served in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the Far East.

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