Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Preparing for COW2018

My preparations for COW2018 are almost complete. In fact, I have to do two different types of preparation (other than packing my clothes, of course!0 for each Conference of Wargamers I go to.

The first is to prepare for the sessions that I will be running. This year this involves:
  • Making sure that both my PowerPoint presentations about self-publishing are completed and working properly
  • Loading the presentations onto both my laptop and (as a backup) onto a separate USB memory stick
  • Making some copies of the presentations onto memory stick for attendees should they want to buy a copy (the price will cover the cost of the memory stick)
  • Printing off the map I will use for my Matrix Game, SAVE GORDON!
  • Assembling the figures and labelled bases I will use as playing pieces for the Matrix Game
  • Printing off the individual player briefings, the Turn Record cards, the list of reserve units, a brief description of the rules, and a signing-up sheet for the game
  • Assembling all the other playing equipment I will need (e.g. dice, playing cards)
The second is to prepare the stuff that I will need to make sure that the conference runs as smoothly as possible. This includes:
  • Printing a A0-sized copy of the conference timetable (this will be displayed in one of the main rooms used for the conference)
  • Ensuring the there are plenty of spare copies of the conference programme
  • Assembling the individual conference badges for the attendees
  • Taking a spare list of attendees and their personal details ... just in case it is needed
I have already done some of the above and hope to complete the rest of the preparations by the end of Wednesday so that I can relax on Thursday prior to the start of the conference on Friday. With the promise of good weather and a full conference programme, it looks like it is going to be a great conference.


  1. Bob,

    A little off topic and a little off century but there was a question about an urban combat game that you presented at a long past COW.

    On June 28th there was a query on The Miniatures Page about Rules for Urban Combat. One of the posts in reply was: "Bob Cordery (wargames development) put on a very clever ww2 urban combat game at a convention in London in I guess 1996 ish, if he is on here maybe he can provide more info."

    Although your above post reads like you are incredibly busy, when you get time, would it be possible to provide some information on this game?



    1. William Stewart (Bill),

      I've been racking my brains as to the name of my the urban combat game WD put on during the mid 1990s. If it is the one that I think that it is, it involved a British platoon clearing a small village that might be occupied by Germans. The British were supported by a Sherman tanks. Depending upon the scenario being played, the Germans amounted to about a squad of infantry and a Pzkpfw IV tank.

      If I can find more information, I'll add what I find out to this comment.

      All the best,


  2. Bob, thanks for taking the time just before the next COW!

    1. William Stewart,

      I need to go through THE NUGGET index to see if I can find a copy of the rules.

      All the best,


    2. It sounds like Nick Meredith's "Play Your Cards Right", which appeared in Nugget 116, with a brief piece by me in Nugget 122 on a few adaptations made for the show version.

      PS please could I reserve a flash drive with your CoW talk slides...

      Best wishes,


    3. John Armatys,

      Thanks very much! That's the name I was trying to remember!

      All the best,


      PS. a flash drive will be reserved for you.