Monday, 21 February 2011

I succumbed to the Dark Side … and bought an iPad!

What I should have done today was to set up the latest play-test of the rules I am developing for use with my portable wargame … but what I actually did was to go to the Apple Shop at Bluewater and buy an iPad.

I don’t NEED another computer; I already have a very good PC and a lightweight laptop … but I have found my iPhone to be such a useful bit of kit that it seemed logical that I should buy an iPad to ‘compliment’ my existing hardware. What is more, my wife thought it was a good idea … and when your wife agrees that buying a new piece of electronic gadgetry is a good idea, it is a strong – and somewhat stupid – man who disagrees. In fact my wife thinks it is such a good idea that she is using it as I sit here at my good old PC writing my latest blog entry!

Now just who did we buy the iPad for? Please remind me …

PS. The spellchecker on Microsoft Word does not recognised iPad as a proper word. I wonder why?


  1. Conrad Kinch,

    Well, my wife didn't want an iPhone ... until she had used mine, and now she is a confirmed 'addict' ... and in danger of becoming an iPad 'addict' as well!

    The iPad is just as easy to use and the screen (and keyboard) are so much bigger. I can see that the move from one to both is going to be very easy, especially as one can synchronise both of them via one’s PC. We tried the iPad out in the Apple shop ... and were 'sold' on the idea of buying one almost as soon as we had.

    I set mine (or should that be 'ours'?) up, and the quality of the graphics is so much better than on the iPhone ... but what impressed me is the quality of the books I had installed. The latter included a pdf of a wargames book ... and it was exceptional ... and easier to read than on my PC's screen!

    I suspect that you will be doing well to last out the year ... but there again, you may be made of stronger 'stuff' than me!

    All the best,