Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Megablitz units: Germany – 384th Infantry Division (1943)

My German Megablitz forces include the 384th Infantry Division. This was formed in October 1942 and was assigned to Army Group South. It took part in the battles for Stalingrad, where it was destroyed. It was re-formed in February 1943 but eventually destroyed in southern Russia in August 1944.

My Megablitz 384th Infantry Division consists of:
  • HQ (Staff Car + Command figure)
  • 384th Divisional Supply Column (Truck)
  • 534th Grenadier Regiment
    • I/534th Grenadier Battalion (Infantry)
    • II/534th Grenadier Battalion (Infantry)
  • 535th Grenadier Regiment
    • I/535th Grenadier Battalion (Infantry)
    • II/535th Grenadier Battalion (Infantry)
  • 536th Grenadier Regiment
    • I/536th Grenadier Battalion (Infantry)
    • II/536th Grenadier Battalion (Infantry)
  • 384th Artillery Regiment (105mm leFH 18 Howitzer + SdKfz 7 + Spotter figure)
  • 384th Panzerjäger Battalion (50mm PaK 38 AT Gun)
  • 384th Fusilier Battalion (Infantry)
  • 384th Pioneer Battalion (Engineers + Truck)
Notes on the figures, weapons, and vehicles:
My Megablitz 384th Infantry Division was put together from a variety of different sources:
  • Most of the figures are from the 20mm German World War II range produced by Raventhorpe, although there are also a couple made by Skytrex.
  • The 105mm Howitzer and 50mm PAK guns are Skytrex models.
  • The vehicles are either Airfix (the larger Opel Blitz) or ROCO (Kubelwagen, the SdKfz 7 and the smaller Opel Blitz) models.


  1. Nice formation, Megablitz is the ultimate destination for my 20mm forces methinks

  2. Geordie an Exiled FoG,

    You could do worse.

    One of the joys of Megablitz units is that they can - with a bit of thought - be used with other rules systems. I know of one game designer who has a quite a large collection of Megablitz units, but who is writing a set of rules where each Megablitz base will equal a company rather than a battalion.

    All the best,