Thursday, 7 April 2011

Art of Tactic: Barbarossa 1941: Inside the box

I understand that my copy of Zvezda's ART OF TACTIC: BARBAROSSA 1941 is in the post, and that it should be delivered in a couple of days. I am very interested in both the rules (I have downloaded a copy from the ART OF TACTIC website, but I have had problems printing it due to a particular unsupported font being used in it) and the playing pieces, and I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find a photograph that appears to show the contents of the game.

The box is supposed to contain:
  • 15 German and Soviet units
  • 1 set of engineering fortifications
  • 6 double-sided terrain hexes
  • 6 raised hill hexes
  • 15 unit cards
  • 4 group cards
  • 4 mine cards
  • Rule book
  • Scenario booklet
  • Play sheets
  • 10 dice
  • 2 water-based markers
  • 1 set of decals
It is interesting to note that when this game was first sold in Russia, it was sold as a magazine part-work, with each issue containing a unit or terrain board. The photographs of ART OF TACTIC being played in Russia show units that are not included in the 'Starter Kit', and so one can assume that additional units and equipment will be coming on-stream in the fullness of time.

Something else to look forward to!

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