Sunday 14 October 2012


Work on the PORTABLE WARGAME: MODERN rules continues apace ... but this morning I was faced with a dilemma; should I finish the draft I am working on or should I go to the SELWG show at Crystal Palace?

I gave this conundrum all of three seconds thought before deciding that I could go to SELWG before lunch and finish the draft of PW:M during the late afternoon and evening ... so just before 10.00am I set off to cross South London by car. The journey there took me just over twenty minutes (the return journey took me over twice as long!) and by 10.25am I had paid my entrance money and was in the venue.

Having only just returned I have not yet had time to write a blog entry about the show, but once I have completed the draft of my PW:M rules, it will be the next thing that I will do.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the show.I look forward to hearing about it..We will enjoy your rules when they are ready...
    Best wishes
    Alan. P.S Do you know if anyone has applied the portable war games format to ancients?
    I succumbed to temptation today and sent off for the History of Wargames volume you were involved in about Joe M and his rules,can't wait to read it...

  2. Tradgardmastare (Alan),

    I enjoyed going to SELWG ... and will be writing a blog entry about what I did and saw later this evening.

    In the book you have bought from John Curry you will find a copy of an article that was originally published in the Winter 1967 issue of The Miniature Parade (Volume I Number II). It describes Joseph Morschauser's gridded Ancient game (including the rules he used) ... so I suppose that in a way the answer to your question is a qualified 'Yes'.

    All the best,



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