Monday, 1 July 2013

A great weekend

It was my wife's birthday last week, and to celebrate we went on a short weekend cruise to Zeebrugge and back aboard P&O's Ventura. We left early on Saturday morning and got back home just before midday today.

I will be writing a specific blog entry about our cruise, but the time away has given me the opportunity to think about what I want to do next with my development of Joseph Morschauser's FRONTIER wargames rules and the best ways I can use my growing collection of Britains 54mm-scale figures. (Whilst I was away I managed to acquire several more sets of figures via eBay.)

The latter is now getting quite sizeable, and although I can currently field a Funny Little Wars Infantry Brigade (made up from troops drawn various British Infantry Regiments) and a half-size Funny Little Wars Infantry Division that includes a Highland Infantry Brigade and a mixed Scots/Welsh/English Infantry Brigade), I don't have any suitable Artillery gun crews, Engineers, or Cavalry. I will need to address this shortfall ... but I have a few ideas as to how that can be achieved.

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