Friday, 5 July 2013

COW2013 ... today's the day!

I have just finished packing my bag (not a long task) and have checked (and re-checked several times) that I have everything that I need for the conference ... a somewhat longer task. I can now pack my car ... and then I can be on my way to COW2013!

It looks as if the weather is going to be good over the weekend, and the conference programme is full of excellent sessions. The attendees are a great bunch of people (just the conversations one has there are worth the price of the conference!), and the venue provides excellent accommodation, food, and drink.

I can hardly wait to get there!

The drive should take me about two and a half hours, depending upon the traffic, and I aim to reach Knuston Hall by about 4.30pm. I like to get there early so that I can deal with any last-minute problems that might arise, although experience has shown that I will not be the first to arrive by a longshot!

Once there I unload my bag, book in, get me room key, dump my bag in my room, and then go back to the Entrance Hall to 'meet and greet' attendees as they arrive. Tim Gow and I also have to set up to display board in the main room. This has a large copy of the conference timetable fixed to it as well as session signing-up sheets. By getting to the conference early one can usually ensure that one manages to sign up for the sessions one wants to attend ... but as the timetable is 'dynamic' and often in danger of failing to 'survive first contact with the enemy' (i.e. people moving sessions to different timeslots and/or locations), you have to be very alert and on your toes!

And if you think that I am joking about the conference timetable ... well version 4 arrived in my inbox this morning!


  1. Bob

    Good luck at COW. Have fun, be silly, take pictures!


  2. Have a great session, Bob! I wish I could be there.

  3. Peter Douglas,

    As you will find out over the next few days, I had a great time!

    All the best,


  4. Steven Page,

    My session went very well, and will feature in a forthcoming blog entry.

    Perhaps you will make it to COW one day.

    All the best,