Saturday, 17 May 2014

Some interesting parcels

We spent most of yesterday at the National Archives, Kew, with the result that we were out when the postman tried to deliver some bits and pieces that I had ordered. I made a trip to the local sorting office just after midday today to collect the undelivered parcels ... and the contents are described below.

The Spanish Civil War has always fascinated me, and I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of Alejandro de Quesada's THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR 1936-39 (1): NATIONALIST FORCES. The book is illustrated by Stephen Walsh and published by Osprey Publishing as part of their 'Men-at-Arms' series No.495 (ISBN 978 1 78200 782 1).

I understand that a companion volume about the Republican forces is in preparation and due for publication later this year.

The other parcels contained items that will complement my existing MEMOIR '44 collection. They are the CAMPAIGN BOOK VOLUME 2 ...


The CAMPAIGN BOOK covers five campaigns (one of which is an air campaign) set in the Pacific, Malaya, Poland, and Normandy. The book also contains the campaign rules and is accompanied by a punchboard on which is printed a selection of new badges, tokens, and obstacles.

The OPERATION OVERLORD set contains:
  • An updated Overlord Rules Booklet that also covers the Eastern Front and the Pacific War.
  • Two decks of 64 cards each that have been redesigned for use with the Overlord Rules
  • 178 tokens that represent American/Russian and German/Japanese figures ... just in case you don't have enough to use the rules.
  • Eight additional MEMOIR '44 Combat Dice.
I am really looking forward to spending some time reading all of the above, and using the additional MEMOIR '44 stuff as soon as possible.


  1. The overlord deck is very handy as are the extra dice.

    We've found the rules as written a little harsh, so we've modified them slightly. Would you like a copy?

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    I would love a copy of your version of the rules. They sound very interesting.

    All the best,