Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Back to dear old Blighty ...

As some of you may have surmised from my recent blog entries, I haven't been in the UK for a few weeks ... in fact nearly four to be more accurate.

Sue and I have been to the Caribbean and back on P&O's MV Arcadia, and got back to a somewhat cold UK yesterday. When we were young we never seemed to mind the cold as much as we do now, and a spell in the warm sun was just what we needed. Lots of fresh air, good food, rest, excellent company, and time to recuperate has hopefully set us up for the forthcoming winter ... but first we have to get through the Christmas holiday.

This afternoon we will be making our first foray for some time to buy food, and we suspect that the shops will be more than a little crowded with people buying enough food to withstand a month-long siege rather than a long weekend of overindulgence.

We also have several important tasks to complete before we can begin to relax. Firstly all the unpacking and subsequent washing, ironing, and putting away of the clothes we have worn whilst we have been away will have to be done. That will be followed by the ceremony of the writing and posting of the Christmas cards. (We could have sent them out before we went, but posting them in mid November just didn't feel right!) Finally there will be the myriad of small but essential tasks such as checking bank statements and paying bills to be done.

Once all of those tasks are complete we can begin to relax ... and hopefully I will be able to turn my copious notes into a suitably illustrated, coherent travelogue-style blog entry about our recent voyage.

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