Thursday, 4 May 2017

Travel Battle Campaign Maps: A more randomised version

When I created my first set of mini-campaign maps they retained a degree of symmetry that was somewhat obvious. I have therefore been experimenting with a slightly more randomised placement of the two boards using the following method:
  • Each board (A and B) was copied in four different orientations (1, 2, 3, and 4).
  • Starting with board A in the top left-hand corner of the mini-campaign map, a D6 die was thrown (1 = 1; 2 = 2; 3= 3; 4= 4; 5 and 6 = re-roll the D6 die) to select which of the orientations of board A to use (e.g. A3).
  • In the space to the right of the first board placed on the min-campaign map, the same method was used to chose the which of the four orientations of board B to place there (e.g. B1).
  • Alternating with A and then B, this method was used to place the next two boards on the mini-campaign map.
  • The second row of boards added to the mini-campaign map started with one of the board Bs, followed by a board A etc.
  • The third row of boards added to the mini-campaign map started with one of the board As, followed by a board B etc.
  • The fourth row of boards added to the mini-campaign map was created in exactly the same way as the second row.
The resulting map is more randomised and looks like this:

You will note that I have changed the colour scheme to make this map look more southern than northern European.

TRAVEL BATTLE was designed and manufactured by Perry Miniatures, and the materials I have produced above are in no way intended to infringe their copyright, and have been created for my own use and amusement.


  1. Looks good, Bob. I am still awaiting my own two copies of Travel Battle (three weeks after shipping notification...sigh) and look forward to receiving them.

    I am seriously looking at purchasing two more copies in June and perhaps two more in July, for a large club game.

    Anything I can do to help them decide to produce other versions...

    1. Justin Penwith,

      Thanks for your kind comment.

      I am still waiting for my second copy of the game to arrive, and I understand from a recent Facebook comment that Perry Miniatures may well be making the figure sprues available separately in the near future. One can but hope that they will do the same for the houses and battle boards!

      I understand that a prototype World War II game was made some years ago, and I'd certainly think long and hard about buying that ... but an ACW version would really be very welcome, and I would definitely want to purchase that.

      All the best,