Thursday, 9 September 2010

Painted Heroscape™ hexed terrain tiles: First set finally finished!

Despite all my good intentions, a series of work-related problems and distractions have conspired to throw my painting schedule out of gear since the weekend. As a result, I only finished painting the first ‘set’ of Goblin Green painted Heroscape™ hexed terrain tiles last night.

The pieces are now stored in a 7 litre plastic storage box manufactured by Really Useful Boxes. These boxes hold seven-high stacks of hexed terrain tiles, which means that I can store sufficient twenty-four, seven, three, two, and one 40mm hexed terrain tiles in each storage box to create a small but reasonably sized hexed battlefield. When clipped together, the set I have painted so far would cover an area of two hundred and sixty-six 40mm hexes, which equates to a hexed grid that is nineteen by fourteen hexes.

What struck me when I photographed the hexes in the storage box was that there is still sufficient room in the box for several further stacks of three, two, and one 40mm hexed terrain tiles. As I still have quite a few of these sizes of hexes as yet unpainted, it would be sensible to enlarge the size of the basic 'set' so that the storage box is fuller. This has the twin advantages of increasing the amount of hexed terrain tiles I can store in each box and reducing the number of hexes that may move about in the storage box – and therefore possibly suffer damage – if I have to take the hexed terrain tiles to an 'away' game.


  1. I have just acquired about 2000 of these terrain tiles and I am contemplating what to actually do with them.

    I will certainly paint them and I may also flock them, not sure yet!

    I may also model roads on them or perhaps make overlay road sections.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Bob,

    These look very good and the Green is a good choice. Have you matt varnished the end product at all? I must get some of those storage boxes as well!

    All the best,


  3. Jim Duncan,

    2,000 hexed terrain tiles ... that is quite a lot!

    Painting them improves the general look, and makes them appear less 'toy-like'. I am going to leave mine painted for the time being, but if I can find a suitable flock (the one I had bought turned out to be less than satisfactory when I experimented with it) I may flock them at a later date.

    I have thought about painting roads on some of the one, two, three, and seven-hex tiles, and this might well be the next 'experiment' that I try.

    Good luck and all the best,


  4. Ogrefencer,

    The Goblin Green is a much better colour ... and it is very easy to get hold of.

    I have not yet varnished the tiles. I may do or a may not; I want to see how they stand up to use before I make that decision. Likewise, I may go back a flock them at some time in the future IF I can find a suitable flock.

    As to the storage boxes ... I got mine from Staples, who seem to have the largest range and stock of any of the retailers I have tried.

    All the best,