Friday, 6 May 2011

More reinforcements

When I got home there were two more small packages of American Civil War Union Britains Deetail toy soldiers waiting for me ... and a card from the Post Office telling me that another parcel was waiting for me at the local sorting office (so I know where I will be going first thing tomorrow morning!).

The first package I opened contained an officer, a standard bearer, an infantryman standing and firing, an infantryman kneeling and firing, and an infantryman loading his musket. The second package comprised an officer, a standard bearer, two infantrymen standing and firing, two infantrymen kneeling and firing, and two infantrymen loading their muskets. I now have a total of nineteen Union infantrymen of all types, and this is almost enough to form an Infantry Regiment.

What is interesting to note is that figures that at first glance appear to be the same are in fact subtly different. In the case of the firing infantrymen, some have a moulded on right arm and some have an arm that is kept in place by a plug that fits into the body. They also have slightly different colour schemes. For example, none of the officers has the same uniform! One has dark blue trousers and the other two have light blue trousers ... but one of them has a yellow stripe up the seam of the trousers!

As a result my army is already looking a bit 'rough and ready', and as further batches of troops are added to the collection, this trend will no doubt continue.


  1. The yellow stripe means he's a cavalryman.

    -- Jeff

  2. Bob
    I hope you get some R&R this weekend and also you have time to enjoy mustering you FLW chaps, laying tham out and surveying the gloious scene...
    best wishes

  3. Bluebear Jeff,

    What I cannot work out is if the yellow stripe was painted on by Britains when the figure was manufactured or by a previous owner of the figure. The figure also has the buttons picked out in gold.

    This would indicate that it was either painted by Britains at a time when they added more detail to their figures or at a later date by someone else. The rest of the figures that came with it all seem to be from the earlier period of manufacture of the ACW range, but do not have the yellow stripe down their legs.

    All the best,


  4. Tradgardmastare,

    Thanks for you best wishes ... but my plans are already going slightly off course! I am just off to the Post Office to pick my package up - I hope - and then off to Herne Bay to look for a wardened retirement flat for my father-in-law.

    This will probably take a significant part of the day ... but there are several 'pound shops' in the area that sell packets of cheap plastic figures, and it may give me the opportunity to buy some accessories for my FLW army along the way.

    Hopefully I will have enough of the day left to spend some time 'playing' with my new figures when I get home. If not ... well there is always Sunday!

    Have a good day yourself.

    All the best,