Saturday, 28 May 2011

Thank God for the iPad and WiFi!

As regular readers will have noticed, I have not blogged for the past two days. This was due to my coming down with a very unpleasant stomach bug that basically laid me low for forty eight hours.

During that time I have not been able to concentrate too well, and sitting at my keyboard trying to type and focus on the screen made my headache worse. However, my iPad (plus my home WiFi system) made it possible for me to keep up to date with what has been happening in the world from the comfort of my bed and my favourite armchair.

I am now feeling much better, although I am still a bit wary about what I eat and drink. The headache and stomach ache have almost disappeared, as has the feeling of nausea. I still have some muscle pain, but that is also gradually diminishing. With a bit of luck I will feel well enough to visit my father-in-law later today, and to see my father tomorrow. I might even feel up to staging my long-awaited play-test of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules.

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