Monday, 23 May 2011

A variety of different hexes ... compared

After writing yesterday's blog entry, I decided that I would compare the various different hexed terrain that I have available. I used four 15mm-scale World War II US Army infantry figures manufactured by Essex Miniatures to give me some idea of the relative size of the hexed terrain that I have. I also measured each hex from face to face.

The first two I looked at were from MEMOIR '44 and BARBAROSSA 1941. The former has 5.25cm hexes and the latter 6cm hexes.

I then compared the two hexed terrain boards that came with my early and later editions of BATTLE CRY! In both cases the hexes were 5.5cm from face to face.

My final comparison was between my Hexon II and HEROSCAPE™ hexed terrain systems. The Hexon II measures 10cm from face to face, and the HEROSCAPE™ hexes were 4cm across.

I therefore have quite a variety of different hex sizes that I can use for my play-tests, and I suspect that the scale of the figures that I use will determine which of the hex sizes I will choose to use.

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