Sunday, 26 June 2011

Preparing for COW

In two weeks time, COW2011 will be over ... so I have already started to get together the stuff I need for my sessions.

After a discussion with Tim Gow, we decided not to try to fight a full-scale FUNNY LITTLE WARS battle as neither of us has actually used the rules as yet. Instead we intend to fight a small skirmish with each side fielding one or two regiments of Infantry, a gun, and possibly a few cavalry. Once we have got a firm grasp of the rules, we can then plan to fight a full-scale battle later in the year.

As for my PORTABLE WARGAME session ... well I have printed off copies of the rules (but not the rules summary sheet) for the attendees, and I have begun sort out the terrain that I will be using. The figures need to be sorted into 'sides' and put into storage boxes for the journey, and I will need to 'make' some activation dice. These will be made by sticking coloured and numbered 'dots' on the faces of surplus Heroscape™ dice ... of which I have quite a number. All that will then need to be done is for me to create the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that I will use to introduce attendees to the rules.

Tomorrow I hope to get the COW programme printed, and once that is done I shall post it out to attendees. The envelopes are already labelled and have postage stamps on them, so it should only take few minutes for me to put the programmes in the envelopes and get them in the post on Tuesday morning.

Whilst I was printing the labels for the envelopes, I also printed off the labels that will be stuck onto each attendee's badge. These will be issued as attendees arrive at COW, and serve both to help new attendees to recognize each other (there are a few 'virgin' conference goers this year), and as a check on who has or has not arrived by the start of the conference.


  1. Rules that bad or is your Freudian slip showing? ;)

    Best of luck with COWS - sounds most intriguing.

  2. Pat G,

    Not so much a Freudian slip as a slip of the finger in my iPad keyboard!

    I would not dare to sue another wargame designer ... there are already too many 'rules lawyers' about!

    All the best,