Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lofty ambitions?

My wife and I spent most of today in Herne Bay, sorting out my father-in-law's bungalow. My main job was to begin the process of clearing the loft ... which turned out to be no easy task.

Luckily my father-in-law had had the loft space boarded over and fitted with a light ... although I did not realise the latter until I climbed up into the very dark loft and trod on the light's cable. Once I had found the cable I quickly found the plug that had to be plugged into the nearest power socket (which was in the kitchen) to provide the power for the light.

Once the light was on I saw the magnitude of my task. Besides the six large suitcases and two travel bags – some of which still seemed to be full – I found a door(!), a large toolbox full of ancient tools, more used tins of paint than I could be bothered to count, eight carrier bags full of empty jam jars, several dismantled flat-pack wardrobes and cupboards, several old curtains and window blinds, a boxful of old photographs and pictures, and a large amount of old curtain track and fittings.

With my wife's help I got almost everything except the door and the flat-pack furniture down from the loft. We then sorted through it all, and most of it was consigned to the garage for disposal. (I foresee several trips to the local refuse and recycling centre in the very near future.)

I hope to complete clearing the loft sometime next week ... but next time I will try to remember to take some sort of heating into the loft because is was very cold up there today ... and the weather was quite mild today for the time of year.


  1. It might be simpler to order in a mini skip! :o)

  2. Steve-the-Wargamer,

    It has crossed my mind several times.

    All the best,