Monday, 27 February 2012

Building the 'Monopoly'-inspired model battleship

I finally managed it. I built a model battleship whose design was inspired by the token used in the game of 'Monopoly' ... and I actually managed to make it 4"/10cm long!

I decided that the first thing I had to do was to make a proper plan. I started by finding a photograph of the 'monopoly' battleship token ...

... but because it was taken at an angle, I needed to 'straighten' the waterline out a bit. I did this using a very simple photo-manipulation program, and the result looked like this:

I then 'drew' over the side view of the token to give me a rough silhouette of the battleship, ...

... removed the background, et voila I had a working side view from which to make my model.

I then used basswood to create the hull and superstructure using simple woodworking/modelling techniques, the resulting model looks like this:

It is not an exact replica of the original 'Monopoly' battleship token ... but I think that it will work as a proof-of-concept/prototype for future models that I can use on the tabletop.

Mission accomplished!


  1. Good start Bob!

    I think the turrets are a bit 'tall'. Lowering them a bit will improve the silhouette.


  2. Jim Duncan,

    It might not be perfect (I agree about the turrets; I had hoped to make them out of dowel with a slightly larger diameter ... but could not find any in my stock of basswood) but it turned out better than I had expected.

    I might also reduce the depth/freeboard of the hull slightly although it would be very suitable for French-style battleships.

    All the best,


  3. Hi Bob,

    Very atmospheric 'proof of concept' - it reminds me of those lovely models on the header of Steve Cady's 'Castle of Tin' blog.

    I am looking forward to seeing the final version - are you going for the two hex approach?

    All the best,


  4. David Crook,

    Thanks for the complimentary comments about the model.

    If I can fit the models into a single Hexon II hex I will do so because it will make writing the rules so much easier ... and the models will be easier to store.

    I have learned some very useful lesson making this model, and they will be reflected in the next models I build.

    All the best,


  5. Nicely done - has a feel between period recognition models and board game pieces (an obvious comment).

    I have been searching for the right words - these would fit right in with a naval war game played in the world of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  6. Pat G,

    Thanks for the very complimentary comment.

    You have summed it up very well indeed! That is exactly the 'look' I wanted to achieve and the sort of 'feel' I wanted to engender.

    All the best,