Sunday, 12 February 2012

A rather busy day ... but I did not seem to get much done

Last night my wife and I went to a social event at our local golf club (we are non-playing social members) to mark St Valentine's Day. We had a great time. The food was good, the people we sat with at dinner were interesting to talk to, and the entertainment was excellent.

All-in-all we had a very enjoyable evening, but were rather late getting to bed, with the result that we woke up later than we had planned to ... to find that the leak in the conservatory had got worse (and not better, despite my efforts of yesterday) and that my wife had lost her keys. After yet another series of failed attempts to stem the dripping water, my wife and I began a detailed search for the missing keys. Whilst she searched her handbag and coat pockets, I searched the car and the driveway. We then retraced our steps to and from the golf club, only to be asked by a member of the staff if we had lost a bunch of keys!

After offering the member of staff profuse thanks (and a promise of a drink the next time the bar was open!), we set off to do some retail therapy at the local shopping centre. I needed some grey paint to finish my model merchant ships and my wife needed to visit a branch of a large chemists shop for some hair products, but before we did so we stopped off at the branch of the High Street travel agents where we book our holidays to enquire about a cut-price offer on a cruise that we had seen advertised. The young man who always deals with us was busy, and asked us to come back in about forty minutes. I went off to buy my paint, and my wife went off to buy her hair products.

When we returned forty five minutes later the sales adviser was still busy, so we waited to see him ... and waited ... and waited. Finally, after another thirty minutes, his 'clients' left (without booking anything!) and we booked a cruise that will take us to Zeebrugge and Amsterdam early next year ... and another one that will take us to Iceland and back later this year!

When we got home my wife informed me that she had also bought use a new camera. This struck me as rather odd, as she had a new one only two months ago ... but then she showed it to me and I realised that we were now the proud owners of a small digital video camera.

We had just unpacked it when I received a telephone call from one of the people we had dined with last night. They were unable to download a new program to their computer and wondered if I could help. Ten minutes later I was sat with them sorting out their problem (their anti-virus software was clashing with the new program's setup process) and within the hour I was back home in time for my late lunch/early dinner.

I have now managed to begin applying the paint I bought today to my model ships, and I have glued the sides of the hull of my 'Monopoly' battleship to the Plasticard that will form the bottom of the hull. I doubt that I will manage much more wargame-related activity tonight, and I keep asking myself 'where did my day go?'

Perhaps tomorrow will feel slightly less busy ... but I still have the problem of dripping water in the conservatory to solve.


  1. Welcome to the real world of "not working" after five years I'm still wondering when I'll ever catch up with all the jobs/projects I have to do and how I ever found the time to do anything while I was working.


    Whose microwave now needs fixed !!

  2. Fire at Will,

    Time just seems to disappear, doesn't it? And there is always something that 'needs doing' as well!

    One day I will get a wargames project finished without any real-life interruptions ... I hope!

    All the best,