Saturday, 17 March 2012

Looking for ideas

I am about to begin work on turning the pine hull from my recently bought wooden kit of RMS Titanic into some sort of small warship that can operate alongside my 'cartoon' battleships. Before I started I decided to spend some time looking at a variety of different possible real warships that I could base my prototype on ... and came upon the following photograph of a German World War I torpedo boat.

Many of these ships survived the war and continued to serve in the much-reduced German Navy, where they were often modified to perform a variety of minor but important duties (e.g. training, convoy escort). The basic outline of the ship is so simple that it should not be too difficult to build something that resembles her in a fairly short period of time.


  1. Hi Bob

    At least now you will not need to assemble a cartoon iceberg to match the Titanic.

    Always look on the bright side...


  2. Arthur,

    True ... but it would have given me something to make with my collection of expanded polystyrene.

    All the best,