Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Five months on ... and a lot of progress has been made!

This morning I finally finished cataloguing the books I have selected for disposal, and they are now stored in a number of strong laundry bags. This will make them easier to move about until they are finally sold.

I am going to use some of the space that has been freed-up to enable me to have easier access to my Hexon II hexed terrain (including the hills, streams, roads etc.) in the hope that I can make much more use of it. I have already begun to move the Hexon II terrain into its new 'home' ... and in the process I have begun to relish quite how much of it I have!

The rest of the newly emptied space will enable me to have some storage for future projects ... although I need to finish some of the ones that I have in the initial or planning stages before I do.


  1. Hi Bob

    I hope to collect my first dose of Hexon II this weekend and I would hope to blog it all soon enough!

    I have cleared a space on my shelves for it already.


  2. Jim Duncan,

    I hope that you get as much enjoyment from your Hexon II terrain as I have had.

    All the best,