Thursday, 10 May 2012

A little fine tuning

The metal shelf support pins that I had ordered arrived today, and this enabled me to fix the previously spare shelf into the single unit store cupboard that I am using to store some of my Hexon II terrain. Over the past two days I have been able to purchase some A4-sized plastic craft storage boxes from the local branch of Hobbycraft, and these are not only more suitable than the existing storage boxes I was using to store the trees I use with my Hexon II terrain, but they are also better suited to storing the smaller terrain items such as roads, streams/narrow rivers, and small hills.

Because the plastic the boxes are made from is clear, it is possible to see what is inside each of the storage boxes. (Previously I had been using wooden storage units that had to be opened if you wanted to find out what was inside each of them.) Furthermore, these plastic craft storage boxes can be stacked easily on top of each other, and I now have enough of them to not only store the terrain I already have, but also to have some spare capacity in case I make further purchases.

The cupboards now look like this:

You may note that I have moved the Really Useful Boxes that contain the clips that hold the Hexon II hexed terrain tiles together to the left-hand cupboard, and that I have sufficient space in that cupboard for three smaller A5-sized plastic craft storage boxes as well as the A4-sized ones.


  1. All neat and tidy Bob.

    The exact opposite of a seamans chest.

    'Everything on top and nothing handy'


  2. Jim Duncan,

    I will take that as a compliment!

    I am hoping that now everything is much easier to access, my Hexon II terrain will see more service on my tabletop.

    All the best,


  3. Try getting your boxes direct from S.B.Weston - used them for years.

  4. Xaltotun of Python (Rob),

    I had not heard of this company before ... but I wish that I had as they produce boxes that are exactly what I needed. If I need some more, I shall certainly order from S.B.Weston.

    Many thanks for the suggestion.

    All the best,