Sunday, 13 May 2012

Polemos: The latest news

John Curry sent me a copy of the 2nd Edition of the POLEMOS rules some time ago, and I have had the privilege of reading and transcribing them into an electronic format in preparation for their eventual publication. In addition I have created a summary of the main rules to accompany them, and with the help of my wife I have also done some research about the two men who created and marketed POLEMOS – Dr David Charles Ballinger Griffith and Lt.Col George John Robert Glünicke – and this information has also been added to the rules.

This work will form the basis of a chapter in a forthcoming book that will be published by John Curry as part of his History of Wargaming Project. This means that for the time being the rules are embargoed, but having spent so much time working with this edition of the POLEMOS rules, I don’t think that I am breaking that embargo when I make the comment that one of the most striking things about the rules is that they use a deterministic means to calculate casualties (e.g. Infantry firing at an opposing unit will always cause X casualties at Y range).

With luck John Curry will be able to publish the book that will include the POLEMOS rules later this year, and if you are at all interested in gridded wargames or early wargame design, I would strongly recommend that you buy a copy.

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