Friday, 18 May 2012

A pleasant way to spend a day

My recent big sort-out left me with a pile of books that I no longer wanted or needed. After giving some thought to selling them via eBay – and then rejecting that idea on the grounds that it was a lot of work for probably very little gain – I approached an old friend who runs an online military bookshop to enquire if he might be interested in buying my surplus books. He asked for a list of what I wanted to get rid of, and after reading through it he made me a very reasonable offer, which I accepted.

He came to collect what were now his books at lunchtime today, and my wife and I were able to prevail upon him to join us for lunch. We had an enjoyable couple of hours together before he had to make his way to his next appointment, and afterwards my wife commented that it had been a very pleasant way to spend part of our day.

Oh, and the name of the online bookshop, just in case you might be tempted? It is Warrfarr Military Books.

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