Saturday, 17 November 2012

The English Civil War version of the Portable Wargame goes electronic!

I was just getting ready to have an early night and decided to have one last look at Google Reader to check up on the latest entries on the blogs that I follow ... and might please I was that I did so!

I almost missed a very short but nonetheless interesting blog entry from Peter Maller on his Three by Two Tactics blog. Peter has taken Steven Page's English Civil War version of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules (it is featured on Steven's Forlorn Hope website) and created an electronic version that can be played on a computer.

This can be accessed on the relevant page of Peter's Portable Wargame: Electronic Version website, although you will also need to download and print a copy of Steven's rules.


  1. I just tried out a game of New Model Army vs. Scots and the board worked well. I told Peter earlier that I especially like his set up for trying out new rules and options when I don't have access to my game tables. (My main table is set up for tomorrow night's Dogger Bank action). This has let me try out several formations that have been discussed on Forlorn Hope.

    Thanks for giving the game the exposure, Bob.

  2. Steven Page (Steve),

    I think that Peter has provided everyone who is interested in using the PORTABLE WARGAME with a great tool. You can use it to try out the basic rules or new ideas (as you have) or even as a truly portable game on your PC.

    In the case of the latter, the ability to switch screens means that you do not even have to download the rules as they can be on a 'hidden' screen that you can switch to and from every time you need to consult them.

    The whole PORTABLE WARGAME concept is now developing into a co-operative project, with various people – especially Peter, Ross Mac, and yourself – contributing to that development. Sharing the ideas that people come up with a wider audience benefits us all.

    All the best,