Saturday, 3 November 2012

Yet more about the electronic version of the Portable Wargame

I have had another email from Peter Maller about his online electronic version of my PORTABLE WARGAME.

In his email Peter states the following:
After a couple of hours spent find-and-replacing in a text editor, I've completed a bit bigger 12 x 8 board version of the modern portable wargame page; designed for use on a 1280 x 1024 monitor in full-screen browser mode. It might be just large enough to allow experimentation with the big-board version of the rules.

Inspired by the ace new 'Adventures in Portable Wargaming' blog it includes bonus Martian fighting machines, both of the old school tripod and 50s film flying variety
I have now seen the expanded version of the board (including the playing pieces that represent Martian Fighting Machines) ...

... and I was very impressed.

This latest version of the electronic PORTABLE WARGAME can be found here.

The earlier versions of the electronic  PORTABLE WARGAME (which include Samurai and Horse & Musket versions) are also still available here.


  1. I've now added a stack of markers to indicate Strength Point loss (a glaring ommission, double-click to increment), so the enlarged version can now be used to experiment with the Big Board rules.

    I have added 12x12 and 12by16 boards for the C20th version, which can be made to fit on a standard screen by using the zoom-out function in a web browser.

    I'll post information on any further updates to my currently almost empty blog:

  2. Pete,

    You have really got the bit between your teeth with this project. What you have done has made my concept truly portable.

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    All the best,



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