Thursday, 23 January 2014

A rather busy week

Now that my wife and I have decided to have the existing roof of our conservatory replaced/repaired, we have the task of preparing the conservatory to be clearer before the work starts. As a result we have spent quite a bit of time this week opening cupboards, taking everything out, sorting out what has to be kept or disposed of, and putting a lot less back into the cupboards. We have had the conservatory for fifteen years ... and it is amazing how much junk one manages to 'acquire' in that time!

I have also been busy on Masonic business, and have acted as part of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master's escort to an Installation Meeting in St Albans, Hertfordshire. On this occasion I was the Sword Bearer and not the Standard Bearer (which is a temporary promotion), and I discovered that the Sword is much easier to carry and handle than the Standard! (The Sword is a double-handed broadsword that is carried and displayed in its scabbard. It is quite heavy, but not as heavy as the embroidered Standard and its pole.) It was an excellent meeting, and I thoroughly enjoy myself.

This afternoon I am off to a ConSim guest session at King's College, London. This has been organised by Professor Phil Sabin, and it is a follow-up to the Connections 2013 conference that I went to last year. The session will end at 3.30pm, and I have arranged to meet up with Tim Gow at 4.00pm. Tim should be joining my wife and I for dinner this evening (work commitments permitting), and it will give us a chance to discuss wargaming in general and COW2014 in particular.

I am not sure what I am doing tomorrow (more sorting out, I suspect), but on Saturday my wife and I are attending a Burn's Night Dinner. I suspect that I will be doing the 'Toast to the Haggis', and if I am I will need to practice my 'Doric' before I go!


  1. Good to have a clear out every once in awhile. I have some hard choices to make about all my stuff. My keeping things is paying off in the gaming and music areas, however, as I am able to share my things with my kids and not have to buy new.

  2. Sean,

    I think that it is a natural tendency to keep stuff 'that we might need one day' ... and then forget that we own! A good sort out may not end with much being thrown away, but may end up with it being used and not 'forgotten'.

    All the best,