Sunday, 26 January 2014

Burns Night and sudden storms

Last evening my wife and I went to a Burns Night Supper with some old friends of ours who live in Ash, near Sandwich, Kent. Just as we were leaving our house a storm broke overhead without any warning, and we were subjected to strong winds, torrential rain, and some very spectacular lightning flashes. The storm seemed to follow us all the way down the A2/M2 to Canterbury and beyond, and only abated once we were safely inside our friends' home.

We had a great night. My wife and I both love haggis, neeps, and tatties … which was just as well as there was loads of them to eat! We left to drive home at just after 11.30pm, and we were inside our house not long after 1.00am. We did notice some tree debris in the road as we drove home, but not a lot more that we would normally have expected after high winds.

When we finally got up this morning at some time after 10.00am, our garden was showing signs that the storm might have been even stronger than we had realised. Some of the branches of our laurel hedge (the one I have been gradually cutting down so that we can get into our garden shed) have broken off and are now lying on top of the shed roof, and one of our neighbour’s fence panels is lying on his lawn, having been blown out of its fixings. It looks like we both have some work to do ... but we will not be able to start until the torrential rain that is now falling finally stops.

It looks like I will be having an interesting day or two ahead clearing up after the storm.


  1. Its a small world! My brother has just moved to Ash and my father is in Sandwich. We went to visit him after Christmas and it was just after another storm. My brother had 4 smallish trees down and a neighbour's huge tree had fallen across the fence and nearly hit this metal barn where he parks his car. He seemed to be taking it in his stride and intended attacking them with his chain saw to feed the wood burning stove in the house.


  2. Guy,

    It is indeed a small world.

    On the evening we went to Ash a large tree had blown over near Barham, and this delayed the arrival of one of the other guests by over thirty minutes.

    Obviously this must have happened quite a bit of late in that part of Kent.

    All the best,